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Published on March 27th, 2013 | by Jazz Lightning
Image © Fibonacci Blue


Same-Sex Marriage – An Important Step Forward

An important step forward”. The immortal words of David Cameron speaking about the 2013 Same-Sex Marriage Bill spring to mind as I receive one of numerous phone calls from my best friend, dominated by the trials and tribulations of relationships. Yes, my gay best friend has once again found himself subject to homophobic reactions from those surrounding him. Whilst I reassure him that these people are of the minority, I can’t help but think that, although a step forward has been taken by the government with respect to Gay Rights, the step is one which holds no journey in front of it.

The Bill indicates a land mark moment in the fight for equal rights concerning sexual orientation. Yet opposition from 136 conservatives re-affirms the subtle presence of homophobia within the party. Whilst, yes, the final vote came at a majority of 225 in the Commons, opposition by the Conservatives demonstrates the governments’ out-of-touch nature. The Bill was an attempt by Cameron to persuade the voters that current Conservative attitudes and thought were in the 21st century. A recent YouGov poll showed that only 17% of the population thought the Conservative party has best ‘succeeded in moving on and left its past behind it’ so it clearly didn’t work. The aftermath of the Bill demonstrates a divided party that is prone to quarrel over issues of little relevance to the public.

Whilst it is unlikely that the 2015 Conservative campaign will feature the issue of gay marriage, what ceases to be seen is a divided and weak party; one which is permeated by 20thcentury views. Cameron should thus take heed of his own words and work towards ‘an important step forward’ in bringing his party up-to-date with current thought; which today indicates over 50% of the population supporting the marriage reform.


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