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Published on April 13th, 2013 | by Sam Toombs
Image © Mazur / (Catholic Church (England and Wales) / Flickr)


Pointless Pampered Popes!

The first topic of this blog (the new Pope) is very controversial if you are religious but stick around , you might learn something. Pope Francis seems to be better than the previous one, but seeing as the last one was a member of the Hitler youth that’s not hard. He does believe that gay people can love another but should not be allowed to adopt as he sees it as a form of child abuse…… sorry for the gap I went off to scream and shout for 5 minutes at the backwardness of these idiots. However what makes this worse is that the Pope is very important, he has influence over more than a billion people but is elected by a group of cardinals and not the people. It is supposed to be democratic but it couldn’t be anything but. People may say that it’s tradition, it’s become part of the religion and it would be wrong to change it. Well just because something has been a certain way for hundreds of years doesn’t mean it can’t be changed and if the Pope has to exist then why not introduce a global Catholic ballot system? It may be difficult but it’s better than him being chosen by an elite. Note I said him and not her, it can never be a woman, that’s far too forward thinking for these people!
If we look back on history it is clear to see that the papacy has had it’s fair share of less than reputable incumbents. You only need to look at the Godfather part 3 to see the problems of the 30-day pope,  the previous one and the huge scandal involving the papal bank. This involved hundreds of millions of dollars being taken and gambled by people appointed by the pope. This shows that a man having that much power is very dangerous and has a potential to cause chaos. Throughout history, the popes that have not been actively involved in war, or not been the cause of outcry by being Nazis or supporters of despots are barely remembered. This proves my point that the role of the pope at the end of the day amounts to hardly anything; Catholics would still go on praying and believing in god if the pope was not around. It appears therefore that popes are pampered cardinals who are only remembered by the general populace when they mess up. 
P.s. don’t worry about North Korea declaring war on South Korea, the silly fools never signed a peace treaty so they have been at war for over 50 years, so no need to worry, if anything was going to happen it would have appended by now…I hope.  
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Sam "Toombsey" Toombs is a Politics student at the University of Sheffield with a passion for video games, science-fiction and film.

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