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Published on July 5th, 2013 | by Jack Cowell
Image © Arad Mojtahedi


Why Dropping Sanctions Against Iran Could Undermine Iran’s Leaders

A nuclear Iran is very much the fashionable topic of doomsday waffling these days. The reason for this is beyond me beyond of course the gold mine the press have on their hands if they convince enough Britons that Tehran has their sites focused firmly on their housing estate. A nuclear Iran is possibly exactly what the region needs.

The election of a relatively moderate President is indeed a call for celebration in Iran. A moderate candidate having been denied office by Khameini a few years ago. This could mean very little practically, given that the Supreme Leader still holds all the legislative cards and almost all institutions are filled with conservatives. A former nuclear negotiator and West sympathizer may actually be just the man Tehran needs to drag out negotiations while their nuclear programme ploughs on full speed ahead.

Even so, the election of a relative moderate should be encouraged and rewarded with a more conciliatory approach to negotiations over sanctions which continue to cripple Iran’s economy to this day. Inflation is at about 30% while a vast section of the population live below the poverty line. The dogged pursuit of nuclear weapons is symptomatic of the dire situation the Iranians find themselves in because they happen to have deposed the US puppet who once ruled their land.

The simplest way to slow down nuclear armament then is to remove Iran’s need for it as a tool for securing regional influence and global clout. It’s desire for military power will assuage as it’s need to combat Israeli influence in the region falls and economic circumstances improve, allowing the country to develop internally for the first time in years.

The West should realise that having a hegemon in the region so opposed to Israel is not necessarily so bad, seeing as the continued existence of Israel as it currently exists is simply absurd in the long run. Having a nuclear armed, developed, economically prosperous and most importantly Shia ally in the region could be beneficial in the fight to combat extreme Salafism, Wahhabism and other radical branches of Sunni Islam as well as removing the need for the US or the EU to get involved in conflicts in the region.

The Iranian problem could well disappear if the West folds its hand, drops the sanctions and pumps investment into the huge market that is Iran. How long the Ayatollah retains a grip on the appendages of the state and how long Iran retains a zeal for weaponry after this is open to question, but trying couldn’t hurt. Could it?

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Jack Cowell

Jack is from Liverpool and has a Politics degree from Sheffield University. He is mainly interested in domestic politics but also has a keen interest in Africa and Latin America. He also like Formula One, Everton FC, films and ska, reggae and metal music. He is currently spending his time working his way through Asia (the Continent, not the 1980's Prog Rock Band).

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