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Published on March 21st, 2014 | by Amanda LaBrot
Image © I, Isujosh 2010


Tony Benn: A Look at the Reaction to His Death a Week Later

It’s been a week since former left-wing Labour MP Tony Benn passed away, and naturally, there has been a slew of media coverage about his personal life and political career. Overwhelmingly, the sentiment from papers, MPs and people on both the left and right has been something similar to “regardless of if you agreed with him or not, he was a dedicated political giant who couldn’t be ignored.”

Yesterday, Commons Speaker John Bercow announced that the Queen granted permission for Benn’s body to rest in the Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft in Parliament prior to his funeral next Thursday. Benn, whose political career spanned 50 years, is the second major politician to receive this honor in recent years. The other was Margaret Thatcher before her funeral last April. Parliament set up a condolence book for the “champion of the powerless,” as Ed Miliband called Benn on Twitter, and the House of Commons remembered Benn earlier this week with a tribute led by his son and current Labour MP, Hilary.

President of the Stop War Coalition, MP for both Chesterfield and Bristol South East, Secretary of State for Industry and Energy, Postmaster General, Minister of Technology, Chairman of the Labour Party and prolific political diarist are all prestigious titles Benn held, but he will be remembered for his dedication to and his belief in politics.

Here’s a look at how Twitter responded to Benn’s passing.

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