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Published on May 21st, 2014 | by Catch21 Admin
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Why vote for Conservative? #eu4u

The Conservative party are currently the leading British party in European Parliament with 26 current MEP’s. YouGov polls suggest the Conservatives could slump to third place behind Labour and the United Kingdom Independence Party in the upcoming European elections. As the largest member of the coalition government, David Cameroon and his party have lost support since taking office with the Liberal Democrats in 2010. In an attempt to win back the lost support, the Conservative party have highlighted their achievements in the European Union over the last five years.

• Cutting the EU budget for the first time in history, saving British taxpayers over £8bn
• Vetoing a new EU Fiscal Treaty that didn’t guarantee a level playing field for British businesses
• Getting Britain out of the Eurozone bailouts.

The party have intentions to go further and continue to represent the UK’s European interest. The Conservative plan to deliver real change in Europe:

1. Keeping control of our borders and cracking down on benefit tourism.

The party supports free movement for workers in Europe, which allows Britons to seek jobs and gain customers across the continent. They welcome those who seek to work hard and provide new skills to benefit the economy in the UK. Nevertheless, benefit tourism and those migrating not seeking work is a major issue. The Conservatives vow to stand up to abuse against the free movement system and hope to toughen up even greater on EU citizens rights to welfare.

2. Getting a better deal for British taxpayers.

The Conservatives plan to cut income tax, freeze fuel duty, reduce the deficit and effectively create more jobs.

3. Securing more trade but stopping “ever closer union”.

As summarised in their manifesto:

Yes to the Single market. Yes to turbo-charging free trade. Yes to a family of nations, all part of the European Union. No to ‘ever closer union’. No to a constant flow of power to Brussels. And no, of course, to the Euro, to participation in Eurozone bail-outs or notions like a European Army.

4. Giving the British people in-out referendum in 2017.

The campaigns main proposal to win back the public. The Conservatives are committed to give the British people an EU referendum in 2017. The proposal was first opted in 2013 where it cleared all its Commons hurdles before falling in the House of Lords. The bill was rejected by Labour and Lib Dem peers, UKIP peers did not show up in the final vote. Ed Miliband recently stated that he will not hold a referendum unless certain political attributes would occur, a similar statement applies to Nick Clegg. UKIP on the other hand, will not deliver a referendum. An in-out referendum will express the full extent of the pros and cons of the European Union and will let the public decide in a democratic vote.

The current 26 Conservative MEP’s represent the European Conservatives and Reformists who are further to the right than the European People’s Party, and more Eurosceptic. Once the anti-Maastricht Union for Europe of the Nations (UEN), however the UEN was wound up after the 2009 elections, and the British Conservatives joined up with Polish Conservatives to form the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, whose policies included “opposing to EU federalism and a renewed respect for true subsidiarity” as well as “controlled immigration and an end to abuse of asylum procedures”. It has 57 members from 11 member states, more than half of them from Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic.

To find out more, visit their website at:

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