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Published on May 21st, 2014 | by Catch21 Admin
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Why vote for The United Kingdom Independence Party? #eu4u

Why vote for The United Kingdom Independence Party?#eu4u

The party getting all the attention in the media. Right or wrong, they are on course to finish in the top three in the upcoming European elections. Despite the bad press, some members of the public have given up on the three main parties and UKIP has become the popular alternative, with the English Defence League expressing their support for the Party. Nevertheless, without mentioning the party members ill-mannered behaviour, homophobic radio rants, constant sexist remarks, all British jobs and a German secretary policy,Romanian remarks, European expenses scandals,racist billboards , racist billboard poster star and Lenny Henry comments and many more, ultimately branding the party as a “racist” party which Nigel Farage constantly rejects the term. Their policies for a better Britain without Europe has attracted a large amount of support.

In UKIP’s manifesto, they express the term “let’s create an earthquake” and “a real alternative”. Their policies include:


Controlling our boarders.

A huge cut down on immigration is the party’s primary objective to attract supporters. According to their leaflet, a recent poll found that 77% of people wanted to see a reduction in immigration to the UK. Their manifesto goes further claiming the Government admits it cannot control the numbers of migrants from other EU countries putting education, welfare and NHS under pressure. Unlimited immigration costs British jobs, cheap labour pushes down British wages and has coincided with souring youth unemployment. UKIP vow to have a massive crackdown on EU immigration if elected.


Ultimately, leaving the European Union.

In their manifesto, instead of waiting in 2017 for a referendum, UKIP are devoted to leave the EU swiftly as possible. They emphasis on Britain position as a major global player and luxury history. To support an argument for leaving the EU, they’ve included the negatives influence the EU imposes on Britain such as:


The loss of 3 million jobs if Britain leaves the EU is just one big lie


4.8 million small businesses have suffered from the burden of EU regulations


Scrap the Climate Change Act because the act costs £500 for every household


Reverse the Lisbon Treaty which can imply prisoner’s right to vote and convicted terrorists from being deported.


We can negotiate our own trade deals but be in a stronger position.


Save money because being in the EU costs £55 million a day.

The majority of UKIP’s MEP’s represent the Europe of Freedom and Democracy party (EFD). Reformed to the EFD in 2009, contains 32 members from twelve states, with 10 MEP’s from the United Kingdom Independence party and Italy. The EFD is more conservative than its predecessors, nothing on its website that it opposes further European integration, demanding referendums on any new European treaties and believing that member states “have the right to protect their borders and strengthen their own historical, traditional and cultural values”. Outside its core issues, members of the group are free to vote as they wish.

To find out more, visit their website:


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