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Published on November 24th, 2014 | by Gedminte
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When Tyranny is the Law. Civil Disobedience in Mexico

September 26. Mexico. 120 students decide to go on a protest against the governments reforms in the educational sector. They have three buses ready to go and fight for their rights. However, the Major Jose Luis Abarca gives an order to stop those buses, as the students might interrupt the speech of his wife, and that would be unacceptable (she’s not gonna go to the kitchen and make him a sandwich for that…). So the officers blindly follow the orders and try to detain the students for “provoking the authorities”. They stop the coaches and start shooting at them. People start running, screaming, shouting, there’s blood everywhere, as five people are killed. Masses manage to escape, 43 people get caught by the municipal police. They vanish forever. The worst thing is, this is not the first time such things happen in Mexico, and not even the second. It adds to the 20’000 people who have gone missing in Mexico in the past eight years.

This is not how things should be done in any country. Why do individuals permit government to be this harmful? People need to stop being so indifferent, we all have a duty to avoid blindly following orders and enabling the government to make them the agents of injustice. As Charlie Chaplin said in 1940s greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricade the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. I understand that it is scary to stand up for oneself, when there are mass graves found everywhere, which don’t even have the corps of the 43 students. It is scary, and this is why I am so proud of all the Mexicans who are fighting against the lawlessness of the country. Finally, they stopped waiting passively for an opportunity to vote for justice. Clearly this did not work the first time, with the democratic elections of President Peña Nieto. It took him ten days to say something about this grave incident, only a few days before the UN released a statement about human right failures and abuse in Mexico. TEN DAYS of silence. People got killed for the silliest reasons of all and he was just giving injustice his practical support. And then the minute international community started caring, he spoke.

One of the actions of the president was to arrest the Major of Iguala and his wife and a small number of officers who had gun residue on their hands. Also, to use the media to send a message across that a local drug cartel was responsible for the killings. As if a drug cartel would care about people who protest for a better educational system. Or that some politician’s speech will be interrupted, highly doubt that.

I hope that these events will change Mexico for ever. That people will continue their obligation to stop the machine from doing evil to their own people. But, also, the international community should be aware of what is happening and should give as much support as possible. 43 is not just a number. Ayotzinapa is not just a hashtag. They are friends, family members, artists, and teachers. Do share this information, learn it and spray it. Only by fighting, withdrawing support, not being indifferent we can stop the humanity from suffering. Refuse to co-operate with an evil system. Because the power is in men, not within man, not within a group of men, but in all of us! We have the power to create happiness, to make this life free and beautiful.
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