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Published on July 28th, 2015 | by Kowser Ali
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Eventful Summer for Labour

Earlier this summer saw many changes in the UK, such as the resignation of party leaders, the current Government’s announce the new Budget, and the race for leadership in parties, particularly the Labour Party.

Ever since Ed Miliband resigned in May following the results of the 2015 General Election there has been a race to take his seat and it has been a long ride which is soon drawing to an end. One of the First MP’s to announce runni   ng for Labour Party leader was Mary Creagh, MP for Wakefield, but she was soon out of the running as she fell short in MP Nomination votes. A favourite was Chuka Umunna, the Shadow Business Secretary and MP for Streatham, he promptly announced his running for the position via social media less than a week later Chuka announced again on social media his withdrawal from the candidacy. Tristram Hunt, MP for Stoke-On-Trent Central was another high profile MP to show interest candidacy,he however was ruled out as he believed he was not able to gain enough nominations. Many high profile Labour MPs withdrew from the Leadership candidacy such as Gloria  De Piero MP for Ashfield. Rushanara Ali MP for Bethnal Green and Bow and John Healey MP for Wentworth and Dearne.

With many high-profile Labour MPs withdrawing their candidacy and many being ruled out, that left the four contenders we have today; Liz Kendall, Jeremy Corbyn, Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham.


Liz Kendall MP Candidate: Liz Kendall MP

Constituency: Leicester West

Position in Party: Shadow Health Minister – with responsibility for care and older people.

Liz Kendall is seen as a rising star in the Labour party with her 2010 victory in Leicester West she has risen in ranks within the Labour Party from a backbencher into the frontbench.

She aims to regain the public’s support and trust in the Labour Party, stressing how she aims to make the party more electable and seeks to appeal to the aspiring middle classes.

She is not strongly opposed to the privatisation of the National Health Service but is open to the idea. Kendall is described by many as a Blairite



Jeremy Corbyn MP


Candidate: Jeremy Corbyn MP

Constituency: Islington North

Position in Party: Backbencher

Jeremy Corbyn is seen and known in this race as ‘the anti-austerity’ candidate. He has been an MP for Islington North since 1983 (that is 32 years!).

Anti-Blair candidate and has gone against the Labour Whip over 300 times since 2005.

Holds the view that Labour had lost the 2015 election because  Ed Miliband was not left-enough. He claims to provide a left-left alternative leading the Labour party back to its working class roots.

Corbyn has successfully managed to get the backing of the trade unions which could prove to be a great asset.


Yvette Cooper MPCandidate: Yvette Cooper MP

Constituency: Pontefract and Castleford

Position in Party: Shadow Home Secretary

Long standing female MP, and a strong force in the commons as she has on many occasions challenged Home Secretary Theresa May on several issues such as extremism and border control.

Has pledged to change the way Government supports families by making child care free as she aims to eradicate child poverty.

Described as a combination of Brownite and Blairite.


Andy Burnham MP


Candidate: Andy Burnham MP

Constituency: Leigh

Position in Party: Shadow Secretary of State for Health

Burnham has made it clear that the reason for the 2015 Labour defeat was failure to convince the public with their economic plan.

He claims that he wants the Labour Party to be the party that specifically “speaks for everyone and for the whole country”.

Burnham is seen as both a combination of Brownite and Blairite but has however held high profile Cabinet roles under Brown’s Government.

On Friday the 14th of August ballot mailings will be dispatched to Labour supports, Members of the Party and trade unions affiliated with the Labour Party and on Thursday the 10th of September ballots will close only to announce the Labour Leader on the 12th of September. What does this mean for the future of the Labour Party?The Labour Party could be heading in potentially two different directions as candidates seem to endorse either Brownite or Blairite principles or hold the view that Labour should be brought back to the left and reject New Labour entirely.

This summer has been an eventful summer for the Labour Party and is only going to get more eventful as we approach the run up to the vote for Leader of the Labour party.

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