The idea behind Catch21

Our background

Catch21 Productions was first set up in 2005. The idea behind it was to involve young people in politics. The charity became inactive in 2016.

In the summer of 2019 the charity was revived. Our mission is to help Young People who struggle with the effects of psychological and emotional trauma. Currently we offer group and individual sessions with Dance Movement Therapist. Other therapeutic approaches in shape of yoga, drama and art therapies are coming soon.

Why Movement Therapies?

Movement Therapies use language of the body to reconnect individuals to their physical selves. Research shows that victims of trauma emotionally, mentally and spiritually detach from their bodies as the physical experience was too much to bear. Often reactions to trauma include denial, anxiety and helplessness.
Although talking therapy is proven effective component of psychological recovery, it does not always reach the more abstract parts of the psyche. Movement Therapies make it possible to work through challenging feelings and deep seated issues which seem unspeakable otherwise.

What to expect from Movement Therapy Session?

You will focus more on a present moment and notice triggers that may cause dysregulation. The triggers may be contextual, physical or emotional. You will be able to identify them more effectively by attuning to your physical and emotional reactions during the session. The mind expresses itself by paying attention to sensations that occur within the body. You will also learn how to increase self- regulation and focus by slowing down and paying attention to responses from your body.

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