Volunteering at Catch21


Volunteering with us is an opportunity to gain firsthand experience in the charity sector, as well as the chance to develop your knowledge of mental health issues affecting young people.

We understand that you may have other calls on your time such as child-care arrangement or other needs, so we are very flexible with volunteers’ hours. However, in return for your time we provide a full training and development programme.

Our requirements

1. Ideally a degree in psychology or the equivalent
2. An interest in Creative Arts Therapies and how they can be applied to mental health issues
3. A respectful and nonjudgmental attitude
4. An interest in working with young people in therapeutic environment
5. Some previous experience working with young people or/and in mental health services


Please complete the form below, providing your name, contact details and relevant experience. In addition, you will need to answer a few questions explaining why you are interested in helping others through the use of Creative Arts Therapies.


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