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We present a topical and unbiased lens of life’s paradoxes through our insightful blogs, podcasts and campaigns. This platform is dedicated to addressing your subconscious bias and creating a habitual practice of mindfulness.

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Our Social Context blog highlights and examines social issues, past and present. We cover themes such as feminism, women in media, social activism and race, amongst others.

Art and Movement Therapy with Christina E. Fontenelle

Christina E. Fontenelle discusses art & dance/movement therapy, her workshops and race.

A Forgotten Female Artist - Adelaide Labille-Guiard

"She was known to be an advocate for women rights and believed women should receive the same opportunities as their male counterparts"

Barbie and Body Image

The Barbie brand has made improvements to the body image they present with their dolls, however they still have work to do.

The Social Justice Exchange Podcast

The Social Justice Exchange podcast promotes diversity in all forms and provides a space to explore social issues surrounding feminism, race, gender and more.

Join our conversations with professionals where we discuss their work and personal experiences while striving to break down social barriers.

Hands painting abstract art

002 Christina E. Fontenelle

In this episode we discuss Christina's interest in Art & Movement Therapy, as well as spreading awareness of various forms of mental health issues.

Microphone with cloudy background

Toxic Masculinity - Jack Groves

We discuss Jack's performing and writing background, Light Skin Privilege, his article ‘Toxic Masculinity, Who Are You?’


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Abstract drawing of person sitting afraid with knees to chest

Poem: "They Came For Me" - Maria Goundry

"They came for me, as quickly as rats running through the sewers to eat my last remains"

Man sitting on rug in the clouds

Poem: "Light Skinned Privilege" - Jack Groves

Light skinned privilege means a lot of things Things that you cannot help, but given the privilege to change

Abstract Art

Poem: "Disappearing" - Maria Goundry

"You've let yourself shrivel up to take up less space... You only drink from the cup that makes you feel safe."

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